It’s a beautiful day by the bay and I’m listening to the Saturday lineup on NPR.   We hit the farmer’s market early, so the kitchen is messy with cherries, lettuce, baked goods and spring onions.  Later we’ll travel up the mountains for a wedding and the weekend will include some family visiting, sports and a movie, too.

The beloved is out doors pruning the camellia and the bottle brush tree.  Cutting back branches exposing the living room to more bright light on a sunny afternoon. 

I’m reminded that an “end-of-spring” cleaning would be a good idea.  Not only clearing out the clutter in corners, but the no longer needed thoughts and attitudes, too.  The way cherries will make way for bigger stone fruit will make way for tomatoes and squashes.  The way Car Talk shifts to Wait, Wait to This American Life.  Many things change quickly, especially when the dead leaves are sent to the compost pile.

Overwrought metaphors notwithstanding, I’ve got a plan for Monday.  Clear cutting stuff and things.

Writing Prompt:  To make way for new growth I must…

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