Many friends and colleagues are off at a conference across the country this week – doing good work and sharing ideas, visions and hope.  I’m home with the ever long to do list and some quality time with kids on the agenda.  Nothing like knock, knock jokes and Disney movies to keep vision and hope in perspective!  On the flip side, I’m seeing that I am way out of touch on Sesame Street characters.  I still remember Mr. Hooper, and here I am face to face with some guy named Chris who I’ve never met before closing up Hooper’s store.


Which reminds me of the meetings I’m not at in North Carolina this week.  People will be talking about the way things were, and the way things “may be” in the future.  I have recently expressed exasperation that certain committees discussing plans for future programming have neglected to include people under 50 (!) in the conversation.   Never mind people under 40…30…20…10…

Lest I move to a more cynical space, I’m going to absorb some lessons with Baby Bear and Telly.  They seem to have much to teach me about the world of pretend and they do it in song!

I’m feeling pretty lucky to be where I am – at home – without jet lag and surrounded by crafts and bananas covered in chocolate.

Writing Prompt:  When I grow up…

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