Got to travel around San Francisco today.   Crossing the Golden Gate bridge where high winds and pretty darn cold temperatures left me longing to crank the heat in the car.  The morning fog was dense but the spirit of the city was fabulous, as the pink triangle over Twin Peaks came into view and the sun broke through.  Sometimes I need to pinch myself to remember that reality that I really do live in the greatest place! 

This weekend the city is extra beautiful with the abundance of rainbow flags waving around the community, as locals and people from around the world come to celebrate Pride. There is a feeling of abundant possibilities.  That maybe, just maybe a revolution of beauty and peace and love can prevail!

Alas, there remains too much suffering in the world. So much homophobia, transphobia.  Violence, self-loathing, and shame.  Too much fear and hate.  Yet, on a beautiful day, surrounded by so much love, it must be –  it HAS to be possible that the spirit of hope, healing and joy can prevail.  The children dancing and celebrating ought remind us of the holiness of compassion and the necessary perseverance to uphold the worth and dignity of all.

Writing Prompt:  Love guides me….

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