Sticking with something – for a really long time – might be a sign of passion and commitment.  Or stubborn persistence.  I have managed to keep “filing” on my to do list for much, much longer than any sane person would or should.  And let’s just say, it’s not because I like to have time set aside everyday or every week for sorting papers into manila folders in a neatly organized drawer.   I am not passionate about filing.  But I am persistent in my hope that someday, the filing will be done.

What would it take for me to shift “filing” from a to do to a done?  First thought is: lottery winning.  Followed by call to personal organizer who will excitedly color code that which needs to be kept and ruthlessly discard that which is not essential.  Given that there was no purchase of a lottery ticket this week, the odds for that option coming to fruition seems to be “slim to none.” 

Instead, I may try to trick myself tomorrow, with a full pot of coffee and a kitchen timer set for a mere 15 minutes to get through one pile before quitting.  I can do anything for 15 minutes, right?

I go through times when my journal gets filled with to do lists.  It’s usually a sign that the stubborn intention to meet a word/page goal replaces the intention to write as a spiritual practice.  As another Monday comes, I’m intending to make good use of the persistence that motivates me…or buy lottery tickets.

Writing Prompt:  I return to the familiar pattern of….

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