Spiritually Practicing

Back near the start of the Lenten Writing Challenge, I shared the “rules for writing practice” that I picked up from Natalie Goldberg, namely….

1. Keep your hand moving. Pick a time and once you begin, don’t stop.
2. Lose control. Say what you want to say.
3. Be specific. Not car, but Cadillac. Not fruit, but apple.
4. Don’t think. Writing practice will help you contact first thoughts.
5. Don’t worry about punctuation, spelling, grammar.
6. You are free to write the worst junk in America.
7. Go for the jugular. If something scares you, go for it.

I collect writing prompts to use in tandem with the rules. Usually a short phase to kick off a timed writing period.  (Like, ten minutes.  The prompt is “I remember…” Go.  Keep your hand moving…etc.)

Now that I’m nearly a month into the summer camp writing experiment, I decided to take a look back and see where I’ve been.  Horrified at typos.  Recalling stuck days and hard moments.  Wondering “what was I thinking?” The prompts and various entries seem to have recurring themes, which isn’t very surprising.  Life is like that.  Same things keep coming up again and again.  Eventually, I’ll get bored, or work through some stuck spot…or a bright shiny distraction will appear on the horizon.  Til then…the practice continues.

Oooo Look! A unicorn and a rainbow right over there!

Writing Prompt:  Just ahead I can see….



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