Home Cooking

The house is still warm, after simmering stew on the stove top since early afternoon.  More rain fell locally today, than any June 28th since those “Gold Rush” times when such things were first recorded.  Once again, the weather gets a shout out here – because I’m boring and writing nonetheless, and – because it really is front page news.  The thing I want to celebrate though, is home cooking, since these are usually salad days.

Growing up in the age of TeeVee dinners and blue boxes of Mac and Cheese can warp a person.   And I am certainly off kilter when it comes to a whole lotta things.   I lived on Tab and apples.  Lipton noodle soup and frozen peas (singing “let there be peas on earth”) for many years.  Not a firm foundation for nutritional health.  

Yet somewhere along the line (and no doubt with thanks to the FoodNetwork stars), I’ve got quite a repertoire of nutritious and delicious yum yums now.  Last week,  I spent a bit of the afternoon with an 8 year-old as we assembled home-made cook books.  Collaging pictures of tasty favorites, and organizing lists of ingredients and techniques for breakfast, lunch, dinner and assorted snacks.  Together we whipped up a batch of hummus (using the ol’Frugal Gourmet’s recipe) and a home made pesto pasta primavera inspired by the contents of the vegetable crisper.  There’s something soulful about kitchen time with a young chef and on a cold June day, the contents of the stew pot make for warm contentment.

Writing Prompt:  The pot is filled with….

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