Clean Sweep

I’ve been rather moody, thanks to LIFE and all the realities of being merely HUMAN in a super hero world.   There’s so much that I don’t get to control and that stinks.  Add on the fickle planet being all grief stricken and acting out with climate change.  Not to mention that someone (as in a national news media role) printed a SPOILER for a televised musical competition on the FRONT PAGE, while those of us on the west coast still had 4 hours til show time.

So, yeah.  I’m feeling a bit out of sorts.

Then I get a notice (and this isn’t the first time this happened) where I prepare something to offer to the world, only to find out that someone FAMOUS is offering the same thing, at the same time AND their professional PR firm has already saturated the market with an outline that looks just like what I’d worked up…

Grumpy doesn’t begin to describe….

I know that in short order I will move on and find some greater balance.  Dig up some empathy, given that my woes don’t match those of people and ecosystems dealing with fires, floods and nuclear fallout.  But really, today could use a magic wand to clear out some cobwebs of frustration and resentment.

Writing Prompt:  I vanquish thee….



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