Today was planned for a particular activity I was, quite frankly, not looking forward to…the sort of thing we show up for because we love someone, even though pretty much every aspect of the planned gathering counters your day to day values.  Think:  vegan at a day long rib cook-off, where the vegetarian option is a boneless chicken breast and the air is thick with pork products!

Imagine my surprise when I overheard the phone call expressing  “sorry, we can’t be there afterall…”

I’m thankful today for a chance to go back to bed for a while.  And the opportunity to save a tiny bit of fossil fuels as well as the chance to avoid giving money to industries I seek to avoid.  It’s an interesting thing to hold a particular intention and way to live, and face the judgmental aspects of seeing others so enjoy something that I find objectionable.  People we love – but have some fundamental disagreement with…

I could have shown up and smiled, while keeping my seething under wraps, but mostly I’m glad to avoid it all.  While no doubt I end up indulging in something others would find quite disturbing!  Ah, the circle of community!  The value of connection and the values of “lifestyle” are hard to balance perfectly.  For today, I’m surprised by the joy of avoidance!

Writing Prompt:  If I really let go of expectations then…


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