The fireworks over the local ball park provided a glance at the spectacle that will be oft repeated this weekend.  Fourth of July celebrations come with rockets red glare and gold and green, too.  I don’t mind the big productions with all the flash and boom.  But the preponderance of firecrackers, cherry bombs and m80’s makes me anxious.  Most of the county, including my town, has a ban on all fireworks.  My beloveds home town is one of the few places that allows “safe and sane” fireworks and we’ll head there for festivities on the 4th.  Yet, here in outlaw territory it’s already a nightly – and late nightly – dog barking ritual.  And even though these fire hazards are not legal, it’s not like sirens follow up on each outburst to arrest the kids (and adults!) who are shooting off their smuggled pyrotechnics.

Living in an area prone to serious conflgration, its just totally illogical to me how such a thing is fun.  But I didn’t sleep well, and I’m extra cranky.  And likely tonight will include an escalation of noise and flash.  Grrrrr.  

Lest I wallow in sleep deprived, anxious, bitchiness, perhaps I should close my eyes again, and see what the aficionado sees?  Look for the inspiration and the glory of the unexpected shower of sparkles?

Writing Prompt:  When I first saw the colors in the sky….


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