Fireworks, hotdogs, beer and patriotism.  I’d prefer some peace and quiet.  Maybe a massage and some fine dining.  My inclinations towards hermit life are stoked on days like this.

Instead, I’m whipping up a specialty salad, and then we’ll grab some beer and a pineapple (which was requested) and head to join others in celebration (of what?).  I doubt politics or history will be a part of the discussion.  Just being together will be the center of our gathering.  And eating, of course. 

I do hope that the tv will come on at some point for a broadcast from the Boston Esplanade so that we can see and hear the Pops rendition of The Year 1812, Festival Overture in E flat major, Op. 49.  I always love the cannons.

Writing Prompt:  THIS is my song…




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