Today, I’m wishing I had a staff of three to deal with all the stuff I can’t seem to get done.

Employee #1 would take charge of the housekeeping details.  Seriously.  The cobwebs in the skylight are not something I can possibly contend with…so I am irritated when I look up.  So I look down and think, “who the hell dropped that there?” and lament that there is no one to mop and scrub whatever that is accumulating on the corner. 

Employee #2 would deal with all the communication things I’m just not good at.  Including the formatting of web pages, the maintenance of web pages, and calling the long list of people who need communicating with by phone like the credit card company that insists on annoying me with texts that I do not want, not to mention the 30 people who need followup nudges for the stories they should be working on for me…

Employee #3 would have the job description of chauffeur/massage therapist/personal assistant/task completer.  Because there are more than a few things that I have started brilliantly yet neglect to followup…

Writing Prompt:  I need help with…

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