Writing Prompts

It seems simply, that people on the interwebs love to search for Alcatraz related information and Alcatraz pictures.  It had seemed out of nowhere that the readership of my hidden blog went through the roof, and it seems like simply mentioning Alcatraz is the way that traffic made it here.  But, since I’m not really a blogger working to increase information about Alcatraz photos, I have learned a valuable lesson about keywords and how the new media creates buzz.

My personal interest in Writing as a Spiritual Practice, using Writing Prompts for daily meditation and the Power of Poetry to Heal gives me new insight into how I might better manage these pages I work on relentlessly.  The intention never has been to become an internet sensation, but I have caught on that it’s nice to have people interact with postings and someday, “sell $50 k in ad space” a year.


In the days ahead, I may try out some of the valuable lessons learned about blogging.  Or, I’ll just drop the word Alcatraz a few times a week.

Writing Prompt:  I’d like to be known for…


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