Come Together…

Several writing projects are calling my attention.  As with many things, there will be no parade or prizes upon completion when I hit send and wrap up what needs doing.  Instead, I’ve got to come up with tricks to motivate and reward myself.

Fear is right at the top of the list.  Fear of disappointing editors, web masters, and other authority figures pretty much keeps me going when the temptation to walk away strikes.  Then there is hope!  I’m motivated by the hope that some day…SOME DAY some thing written by these lil’paws will matter to someone in such a profound way, that I will know the satisfaction on some cosmic level and not need the validation of external rewards!  I will reach a nirvana of deadlines, procrastination and productivity and glow serene.

Til then, I’m motivated to get things done by the promise of more restful sleep.  As long as these things  stay to do and not done, I’ll be tossing and turning.  And a good night sleep is a fine reward by any standard.

Writing Prompt:  Instead of a gold plated medal, I’d like….


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