The Power of Stories

On Sunday, I’ll be sharing some stories with a community that has asked me to come and offer some spiritual sustenance.  The stories will be about stories.  The ones we share that build a culture and values, as well as the stories that offer entertainment and distraction from the woes of the world.  Then there are the stories that inspire – the ones that lead us to make new choices – fulfill our callings – serve a greater good.  Stories that inspire have a better future at the center.  Stories that point us to a world that CAN be, without the limits of the old narratives that keep us stagnant, or seeking the constant escape.

What are the qualities of stories that you return to again and again?  Are there themes that compel you to delve deep into a text?  A genre or style that moves you?

What stories are most entertaining and escapist?  Or most comforting and constant?

Writing Prompt:  Once upon a time…

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