The Lottery

I am generally not a fan of “scratcher” tickets.  My sis says lotteries are “taxes on dumb people.” But she knows a lot about math and statistics. So, that’s not the reason I avoid the temptation.   The reason I don’t particularly like them is that the pay out is small.  Two dollars here.  A free ticket there.  If I’m going to invest in a dream, I want a cool million for my trouble.  At least.

After the trip to the farmer’s market we went by the local grocer to grab a few last provisions, like  organic Greek yogurt, half ‘n half and coffee beans because morning would eventually rise again.   Next door is a donut shop, and while we avoided the delicious yum yums in the glass case, a certain Mr. couldn’t resist asked for 5 “Solid Gold” tickets.

I explained most calmly my preference for Super Lotto (jackpot now offering some $58 MILLION!!!!) and we drove home quietly with the fresh perfume of free range java wafting over the memory of those french crullers left by the wayside.

And wouldn’t you know.  After all the scratching was done, there were 3 winners!  For a total of a whopping $85.  Enough to cover the groceries.  And a second pound of coffee.

Writing Prompt:  If I had a million dollars…

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