Creative Combustion

My spontaneous moments of creative energy come at the worst times.  During sleep, of course.  In the shower, with no pen nearby.  In the middle of meetings when I should be paying attention.

Like many a frustrated creative, I’ve got note books full of doodles, and meeting agendas decorated with quotes, sketches and outlines.   For quite sometime, I’ve been following the intention of the creative every day challenge, but I still feel like a bit of a fraud/nonproductive/copycat/curmudgeon.   Which is pretty much antithetical to the challenge which so generously invites “creativity in the broadest sense.” 

The fantasy that emerges then, from this frustration, is of truly taking on an artists identity.  I have my image of the artist in flowing colors, big ethnic jewelry and scarves.  Of course I own a million scarves but for years, they’ve been hidden in baskets in the closet.  And while my jewelry is displayed over the vanity in my bedroom, I rarely wear more than the same three pairs of earrings in a random rotation.  At the new year, I thought about the word “visibility” as a theme for 2011, and here past the midpoint, I’m thinking that maybe I can BE the CREATIVE I want to see in the world.

Writing Prompt:  An artist is…

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