Looking Back

Over the past few days, I’ve flipped through hundreds of pages of things written during the last century.  Some of my writing.  Some from historical books.  Seeing a sort of jigsaw puzzle outline of how I got to where I am today.  But it’s as if it’s a 10,000 piece picture and the frame has gaps, and all the middle remains to be matched, though in the end we know it will be Escher-like mazes.

In rereading things that I read more than a decade ago, I can see why certain subjects are meaningful to me – ideas were planted, theories cultivated and all the life research since then has built, confounded and contradicted what I was taught when my brain was still moist and spongy.   The classes I took at that time were pivotal to me, and it seems the handful of classmates I worked with…but for the most part, the content of the courses has not been presented for a half-generation. 

So, I’ll do what I can to share the history and hope I know in the year ahead.  And continue this wrestling with the questions of how to fill in the gaps – or if that is really the most worthy plan…

Writing Prompt:  The jigsaw pieces of my past…


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