More More More

The summer is slipping by so quickly and the projects are piling UP, rather than narrowing DOWN.  I’m alert and awake to possibilities, but exhausted by the pace of everything.  On the flip side, I’m not nearly as burned out as the people I’m working with, who all seem to be on the edge of full core meltdown.  Not sure how I ever kept that pace going.  Maybe it was fumes of youth.  Now I’m old, and emission free (sorta…).

Among other things I’m wrestling with identity issues – more in terms of brand, blog, writing and workshop leading than the traditional existential identity concerns of midlife.  But that seems to be the way it is in 2011.  We’re rebranding instead of having identity crises.  As a creative teacher healer of the spirit type, I have a fair amount of woo woo lee way.  But, I still want to own my serious and scholarly side.  There’s that phrase in the song from Chorus Line stuck in my head:  “Who am I anyway?  Am I my resume?”    Yep.  back to basics.

Writing Prompt:  I am…

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