Clean Kitchen

I am not a fan of house work (“to say the least” mocks the spouse).  But I was speaking with a friend today about the Fly Lady and the notion of C.H.A.O.S.  known as “can’t have anyone over syndrome.”  I really do make the minimal effort to avoid that affliction, and the bottom line, first task that the guru of cleaning talks about is keeping the sink shiny.  That’s the real first step towards taming chaos, improving the quality of your life and moving towards nirvana.

Today, the sink, and counter tops are spotless.  And you know what?  I feel great!  Like I could make a fine gourmet meal, or even a nice cup of coffee.  The sparkling kitchen frees up all sorts of psychic energy.  Now, I am not responsible for the pleasant state of the kitchen (“duh” says the spouse).  So I have to take on the task of maintenance and magic.  Making that cutting board disappear after using.  Removing the drips near the coffee pot with a sleight of hand.

I’ve never asked for this before but today…pray for me?

Writing Prompt:  I am happy to see the shine of….

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