In years to come, if I look back on my summer camp blog, I hope that I won’t remember that this year the political maneuvering/posturing/paralysis around the “debt limit” of the federal government.  There’s simply nothing good about any of the news.  Models of civic leadership for future generations?  HA!  Cynicism reigns.  And compromise has been charged as a “bad word” in the midst of some incredibly warped, racist, imperialist and poor-hating rhetoric.

It’s so depressing.  Not only because the gaps between rich and poor are growing in ways that I find morally reprehensible.  Not only because these alleged “leaders” are acting like petulant children.  Not only for the hundreds of reasons that pundits and prophets are describing about the  potential economic fall out of the stalemate.  It’s depressing because it seems like a symptom of a culture where intelligence is seen as a negative.  Where critical thinking is not valued.  Where compassion is seen as a flaw.

This is the summer of stubborn cruelty and disdain for “regular people” who want to pay their bills and buy groceries.   I am not impressed.

Writing Prompt:  When I am angry and disappointed…

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