Old Pictures

With a computer upgrade came the possibility of finally processing some old video tapes.  Seeing stories of days and years gone past has been sweet, sad, lovely and strange.  Some of the memories are changed by seeing “what actually” happened that day instead of the morphed version of reality that has come to stand in my imagination.

One tape that I couldn’t divert my eyes away from was a child’s birthday party.  A clown was hired to entertain the kids (and adults) and let’s just say:  this clown was NOT a good clown.  Over the years we’ve told the stories of the gawdawful show he put on, with children shrieking in horror and the hosts of the party eventually chasing the guy off the lawn.  Sounds bad, right?  IT WAS WORSE!  I couldn’t turn my eyes from the screen as 45 minutes of sword juggling, sexualized jokes (at a 5 year old’s party!!) and oh dare I forget the flames and the unicycle?  This guy was not worth the money.

BUT there is a clip of my mother in law jumping in the Spider Man Bouncy House.  And that, my friends:  priceless.

Writing prompt:  I’ll never forget the way my jaw dropped when…

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