My Summer is Writing

Keeping up with this self imposed challenge continues to be a good experience.  I set an intention to write more – and I’m writing more.  I have spent time this summer on big serious writing projects, which are “easier” thanks to the discipline of writing each day.  I’m not “quite” as prolific as I romantically think I was a decade ago, when a 1000 words a day was a warm up…but after all these years, some of the writing is going to a book and some of the writing leads to cold hard cash.  And each day some words make it onto a page.  It feels good to have a pen and page to return to…it is good to claim ever so slightly more of the writer identity.  (Branding and marketing notwithstanding!)

Yes, Yes…I’m still behind on the intention to be more visible, though wordpress is now offering me coaching on how to get better at getting out there in the world, or at least on the interwebs.  The structure of the lazy summer has been fortified – and with a month to go – I’m doubly committed to big bold accomplishments.  If you’re peeking in here – I’d love to read what you’re writing, thinking, relaxing into or seeking to avoid…

Writing Prompt:  Dear Michelle, my summer is….

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