Even in my journal, I’m always making lists.  Things to do, groceries to buy, art projects to complete (or start), designer furnishings to complete my eclectic decor, movies to watch, books to read, recipes to try…the lists go on and on.  Here’s a list of things few people know about me:

10.  The Beatles wrote that song…for me.

9. The day after I was born was the day of lowest attendance in Fenway Park history.  (When the star rose to the west, I presume the pilgrims left the grandstand to witness the miracle in Worcester…)

8. My picture is on the wall of a building in the National Register of Historic Places.

7.  I spent time on the set of the movie “One Crazy Summer.”  It was a crazy summer.

6.  I won a nice prize by naming the states that surround South Dakota on the Uncle Gus Show.

5.  My high school history teacher called me “Cupcake.”

4.  My name has appeared in the New York Times.

3.   I drank from the same beer bottle as Brian Setzer.

2.  Abbie Hoffman and I had a conversation about what he wanted to do with his personal papers…shortly before he died.

1.  These are not my only “brushes with greatness.”

Writing Prompt:  When I saw my name in lights…

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