Bead by Bead

Tonight was the beading workshop at the local craft store and it was really fun!  In lieu of fighting the temptation of spending all of my allowance on pretty sparkly things, I packed up the red plastic Tuff-Stuff container that I’ve been placing stray earrings, assorted broken necklaces and assorted charms and sea glass over the years.  Once we checked in and I opened my treasure chest, it was time to play.  Our leader Pam made sure we had the basic tools and techniques and offered to help in any way possible.  Then she told us a story of attending a seminar where the leader insisted that participants use a certain type of spacer when making necklaces.  “You MUST” said the leader, but Pam disagreed with the instructor and went on to make her necklace with the beads that caught her eye in a pattern that was pleasing to her.  

Later when her teacher offered a scolding, Pam spoke up  that she was satisfied with her final project and said “I encourage my students creativity.”

That was all the permission I needed to take apart and reassemble and practice and cut and twist glass and wire, string and stones — fixing a pair of cascading silver earrings with tiny orange seed beads and promising to return in two weeks for more.

Sometimes it makes sense to follow a pattern and learn a particular technique.  Skill building activities  offer opportunities for growth and development. Writing practice may be like that.  Or a grammar class and a workbook.

But other times, it’s enough to put one bead next to another and say “it is good.”

Writing Prompt:  Enh…go out and play with words….have fun!


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