Last fall, after weeks of chiropractic care, I was named “spine of the month.”  While there was no trophy or ceremony attached with the recognition, I still hold the title with great honor.  Not only did I withstand sessions of  traction and adjustments, but I made the commitment to a quality of self care that was really transformative. It took a lot of time, energy, ice, breathing and concentration.  Alas, after the final appointment, a whole lot of interference came into the front and center of life.  The maintenance plan didn’t play out as intended, and now – nearly a year later – I am very conscious of the persistence and discipline needed to stay in alignment.  A little ache here, a slouch there . A slippery slope back to a bad place.  But instead of sliding back to oblivion, I seek to renew the daily work, attention, stretching and releasing to keep my self aligned with how I want to move in the world.

Time to Bloom!

Part of the creative JOLT this week comes from the same source of active resistance to pain!  Needing to remember where CENTER is, and acting with that persistence and discipline to hold it, when all the chaos and interference start to creep in…and let go of the fear that too often defines me.  I don’t wish fearful living on anyone, I preach the good news of more JOY!  Uh, oh.  Starting to twinge with discomfort – better sit up straight and act like I mean what I say!  Trusting the vision of a creative life means actually expanding the embrace of BEING creative, not thinking about it, or talking about it, or strategizing…knowing that creative living is not risk-averse and perfectionism can be a crutch of the negative.

When I keep my values and vision in alignment, there is much easier flow, more chi, greater balance.  Less limping into the next thing with tentative steps.  Once more I seek to be that person of hope and trust and not the hunched over miser afraid to step out.

Writing Prompt:  I am trusting_______and acting as if______________




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