The Walls

At the local cafe, which seems to smell very garlicky today (especially strange since they roast coffee here!), the gallery space is “between shows.”  There are two vast walls, spanning some 40-50 feet with a ceiling height of at least 16 feet.  Which means this a place that SCREAMS for art on the walls.

I want a show here.  Now, this is an extremely bold dream since I a. have no experience and b. they seem to show some pretty nice & interesting stuff here.  But I am in a bold mood today, so what the hell?  All I need to do is get to work, tearing down the “I can’t” walls and replacing them with “yes I can” creativity, color, contrast and gumption.

THIS is not the coffee shop wall. It's at the SF MOMA.

On Friday night, there are plans to see a show by some of our young friends (high schoolers!) who have been at art camp all summer.  This talented trio has been attending classes every day in the big city, learning all sorts of tricks and techniques.  Practicing at their craft with diligence.  I am excited to see what they have accomplished, and know they will be beaming with pride.  They inspire me.  As does Pam, the bead teacher.

Writing Prompt:  I have torn down the wall between ___________ and __________ and now I see.

2 thoughts on “The Walls

  1. Ohhhhhhhh, I know this is a good next step for me but it raises all those fears: do I really produce anything anyone wants to see? You’re inspiring me, though. Maybe I should aim to have work I’m showing around to places like this in one year.

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