Imperfect Memory

Thanks to a kick-butt newsletter post from the great Goddess Jennifer Lee of ArtizenCoaching I’m remembering that I do NOT have to wait til everything is perfect to step into the future!  I am never going to be perfect (who is???) and I don’t even VALUE perfectionism!  So, I’m inviting and welcoming imperfect old and new friends to join me for Good Goddessy times exploring the spirit, creativity and powerful stories that can guide and define a more JUICY and SATISFYING future.  Even if it’s all a little messy!

little sprouts eventually yield BIG FLAVOR!

I’ve got a mini-retreat RIPE and READY on the vine – so consider yourself invited to share in a taste of the work that I do and the circle of women’s friendship, spirituality and creativity that I seek to cultivate!  What are you planting for future harvest?  What are you ready to dig into?  Can you trust yourself and take a risk to make it so?  Let’s get together and explore the best of what’s to come!

Just remember that those things that get attention flourish. — Victoria Moran

Writing Prompt:  I have planted the seeds of….


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