Fried Day

At the end of a busy week of teaching, learning, creativity and generalized anxiety (have you SEEN the news?) I’m ready for a summer weekend of Farmer’s Market fruit and vegetable, fresh air and floral scented harvesting.  Corn and tomatoes should be in abundance.  Maybe some lemon cucumbers and peaches.  A melange of crisp, juicy goodness awaits!

I’m thinking this burnt out Friday about Sabbath time, and kinda sorta wishing for a Monday-Friday 9-5 life so I could just unplug and feel held by the sense of sacred time out of space for a solid 24-48 hours.  I have lost my focus on such a ritual and am craving it, like the yum yums at the market.  Simple refreshment.  Accessible and abundant.  Local and free range.  After three more tasks, maybe I’ll try to savor such a treat…or at least nibble some spiritual fruit.  

Now of course there are plenty of people with weird careers, lives and schedules who take a sabbath and make it holy.  I used to be that mindful – before the interwebs took over my life and the MLB tv package made 162 days of the year so..structured.  Give or take the playoffs.

Writing Prompt:  Just for today…

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