Last night I dreamed about hanging with all the “cool kid” bloggers I read.  It’s sort of embarrassing to think that these folks I don’t know in real life show up in my sleeping time, but it’s true.  Now, I know this blog is much more a public/personal journal at this point but I am trying some things here and at to meet my intention of greater visibility in the world.   There is teaching, connecting, creativity and deep spirit to cultivate in my garden and I hear that this interwebs is a good place to start the party!   And I want to balance my teaching with more 1:1 work and public ritual design because these are things that I really think the world needs more of!  More love, more intention, more depth, more transformation, more generosity, more care…. Thanks to you who are encouraging me!

In the coming weeks I expect to migrate my coaching website over here to wordpress, and am thinking about all I have learned from the serious fancy bloggers I follow. They have pretty and elegant sites with lots of personality and flair.  And they offer information and conversation that matter.  I’d like to do that!  Not that I feel competent to accomplish all the goals I have on a technological level  (yet) but there are a lot of things to learn from people who have been at this for a while, so I’m joining the club even as a tentative, nervous novice.

I don’t want to sleep through this time when inspiring communities are coming together around the words of women.  And I am grateful to those who also have similarly set some goals and intentionally, or accidentally created a place where THINGS THAT MATTER get discussed and creativity is inspired.  Thanks Dream Girls!

Writing Prompt:  Write a thank you letter to someone you’ve never met today….

                                                                                                                                                                  and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true


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