Sunny Day

The summer sun has shifted and it feels like August is moving through the motions towards the shorter days that come once September shuffles in.   The sports page now counts down the Wild Card standings and even though the playoffs are nearly two months away, and the hottest weather of the year is yet to come, something in the quality of light at mid afternoon makes me nostalgic for back to school shopping and fresh note books with wide lined pages.  Returning to the classroom is a totally different thing when you’re the professor in front of the classroom and a special outfit for the first day of meetings less of a priority.  

There is work to do.  Files and reading and writing and planning and back up planning.  Meetings to convene and space to reserve for events that supplement the curriculum.   Today has been a lazy day, and as the sun sets earlier, I feel the anxiety of a new week slipping in ever so slowly.  Which means for another hour, I’m going to hold on to the sun and bask in the promise of tomorrow.

Writing Prompt:  Sunrise…sunset…swiftly flow the….

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