Now What?

When I started my “summer camp” challenge, endless days were on the horizon.  Days of creativity.  Structure-less-ness.  Vast dreams of abundant tomatoes and sunshine dancing in my head.  Now, all of a sudden:  the start of the school year is rushing quickly down stream and I am knee deep…

My work teaching and advising religious and spiritual leaders in the world is WONDERFUL.  And, it’s nice to have time away.  My time away includes the year round work of coaching and consulting that I do.  Which is also AWESOME!  I love my clients and the type of deep creative, inspirational transformation they invite me into.  Over all, the year balances out as work ebbs and flows before, during and after semesters, holidays and seasons.  But the end of August is one of the times that feels very out of balance with over work.  It’s tempered by  the early July under work – but right now, I’m riding a wild wave into September.  Lucky me!  Really!

There is a much more interesting, poignant, scarey and important recalibrating happening in the big wide world.  There are riots in and around London.  Famine and war.  The stock market is on a roller coaster ride that is startling the whole economy.  There are children dying of cancer and a local three year old was killed in the crossfire of gangs at mid day.  Meanwhile, millionaires continuing a greed-fueled revolution of excess.

I feel powerless and angry.  And yet, so very blessed.  To have work I love and the luxury of complaining about being too busy.   This being human thing is complicated.

Thus it is that the Summer blogging camp project is winding down (with an unanticipated  vacation this past week) and my recalibrating of the time space continuum at hand.  “Now what?”

I am asking…

Writing Prompt:  I set my heart towards…


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