The Week that Was…

It was not in the cards that I’d abruptly stop the daily writing and posting here – it just worked out that way.  A flurry of deadline related work and a visit from a dear friend shifted the routines of summer.  Without warning.  In the midst of the week that was, I hosted a mini-retreat with a few beautiful women who wove words and images into collages filled with intention.  I got to have late conversations and whip up a few tasty healthy meals.  Met with exciting students preparing for a new year of ritual and learning.  Did some planning with a lovely couple making a commitment in front of family and friends in the early fall, when the sun will set earlier and warm winds will likely (finally) arrive by the Bay.

The coming week is more of the same.  Lots of meetings, ritual time, creative intentions and a shifting daily routines.  I’ve just jotted down my weeks agenda with a fine point Sharpie and the page is dense with details.  Laundry is tossing about in the dryer down the hall.  I think “shoulda got groceries,” too.  Meanwhile, revolution continues in the world.  The birds perch in the bottle brush tree.  And somewhere someone is feeling blessed, and somewhere someone is feeling cursed.

Given all that:  for now, I continue with the intention of writing and daily creativity.  Let’s see how it goes!

Writing Prompt:  I want to promise myself….

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