Shaky Ground – Eastern Version

By mid day the news was everywhere that a 5.9 magnitude earthquake hit the eastern part of the country.  Here in Northern California, there were eye rolls.  Life on shaky ground is not easy.  When it’s a once in a generation thing or a constant looming possibility the sense of dread, anticipation, loss of footing is pretty awful.  The destruction in so many areas around the globe, so vividly presented in news sequences on HDTV adds to the anxiety and heightens the fear of “was that merely a fore-shock?”

Wiser theologians would speak more eloquently on the human condition to withstand the natural traumas we experience in the fragile living on a rocky planet.

***AND them, upon wrtiing that line last night…the house started to shake, and I ran to the door.  I’ve never felt compelled to do THAT before!

A not huge (merely 3.9) quake hit the Hayward Fault line with is…oh, pretty much across the street.  A slip plate adjustment on the seismological plane.   So it “felt” bigger here that a few miles up the road.  And certainly wasn’t as sustained as the 5.9 east coast rattler yesterday.

Still, it is unsettling to log onto and NOT yet see the listing.  Some of the art on our walls shifted, but nothing fell and broke.  I suppose therein lies todays metaphorical theme.

Writing Prompt:  I am shaken to my core and….

3 thoughts on “Shaky Ground – Eastern Version

  1. then to add to the comedy effect, we had another 3.6 – same location – within 12 hours… oh cosmic forces, surely you jest!

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