Back to Basics

Summer camp wrapped up with no particular fan fare.  From May 31 to August 24, I managed to post nearly 70 times and learned a good bit more about “what not to do” even as I have yet to master the “best practices” sort of skills for the bloggy life.  I’m offering myself a quick pat on the back for my persistence, and setting myself up to shift into a new season of learning, writing, outreach and stubborn stick-tuitiveness with my first annual JUST KEEP WRITING contract.  Last year, I did a poem a day in September , and an Advent ADVENTure in writing, and I want to come up with a way of keeping myself going in October and November, too.  So JUST KEEP WRITING it is!  Maybe I’ll throw in Reverb 2011 or some other interesting challenge along the way.

As for the transition from CAMP to today, it was interesting how the routine vanished so quickly.  I’d imagined going through Labor Day, but then an out of town guest, unanticipated work meetings and a strange week of “emergencies” none of which were urgent, dangerous or even terribly time consuming took me off track in the blink of an eye.  I suppose the lesson is that discipline does require a certain concentration and that it is easier to lose that focus than I would have thought 3 weeks ago when a certain momentum shifted.  More learning.  Let’s just leave it at that.

nurture strength

Now my “back to school” schedule is set, my coaching slots are shifting ever so slightly, and a few other projects (like THE BOOK)  are color coded into the Team Calendar.  All I need to do now is go back to the basics and Just Keep Writing.  That, and weave in the the Red Sox soon to be determined playoff berth into my impeccable structure.

Writing Prompt:  It’s beginning to feel a lot like….

2 thoughts on “Back to Basics

  1. There is something about September and school beginning that sends me to an office supply store to buy new pencils, and notebooks.
    Some people start anew in January, but I love Sept st..

    • It’s like the smell of fresh erasers has a magical quality….

      Or maybe it’s the new lunch box with the quaintly nostalgic Partridge Family design….

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