Back to School Rituals

Over the past few weeks, many teachers and children have gone back to classrooms in my neck of the woods.  My own teaching term starts on Tuesday, which I hold onto as THE traditional back to school day! (Who ever agreed that it was ok to be taking attendance before Labor Day?  Someone really mean and nasty, I’m sure!)

There are certain ways the back to school season should unfold.  Seeing items to purchase in the glossy ads of the Sunday paper.  Heading over to the mall to procure the first day of school outfit and fresh notebooks, color coded for the new year of learning.  Tossing and turning with excitement and anticipation in writing “what I did on my summer vacation” essays and meeting new teachers, too.

Alas, none of these traditions holds fast to my reality now.  I’ll drive to school and fight for parking wearing whatever is clean in the pile.  My notebook is an old computer that seems to be overheating with increasing regularity and I get to assign the paper topics which will not presume a “vacation” on the part of any one.

Instead I’ll offer my students a taste of honey and a reminder that learning is sweet.  And we’ll invoke our intentions for a semester of faithful leadership.  That’s the ritual now.

Writing Prompt:  This summer I…


One thought on “Back to School Rituals

  1. My computer overheats a lot, too. But then I often have 22 Web sites open at once in FireFox…. I have one of those fans that plug in to the computer. They really work. I also have a little strawberry-shaped fan I sometimes point at the computer. It really works. When it has fresh batteries….

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