Catch Up

Posting all the saved up posts that don’t have accompanying pictures because I’m on the computer without the cache of photos and am trying to do, rather than think about doing.  Girl gotta take action where she is, not where she will be…eventually.  The pile of incomplete projects can not grow taller while final details get resolved somewhere else.  Enough must be enough…ish.

I’d also like to catch up on laundry today.  And some general tidying of things.  Not to mention lesson planning, filing and flossing.  All the stuff that needs attention every day but sometimes backs up in the default pattern of “later.”

One of the very inspiring blogger/twitterers I read is Havi Brooks who focuses on destuckification.  Among her many tools:  the weekly VPA, or very personal ad that models a direct asking for what one truly wants “even when asking feels conflicted.”

I am certain this is a problem for me – I move in the realm of metaphor and lack the skills of clarity in oh so many aspects of life.  So along with a gratitude practice, I’m going to try to express my own VPA in this blog – at least weekly – as a way of ending the whiny blah, and shift into the “yes.”

This week – an Introductory Very Personal Ad!*


Here’s what I want:   really really want…a clean office!  (this is merely a baby step into asking…trust me, this is the tip of my iceberg!)

How it could work:  You come in with a match/blowtorch, backhoe or a carrot to dangle in front of my nose (so long as the carrot is not a carrot but more like a cupcake or some fresh sashimi).  Or a friendly force sets a timer and sends me “you can do it” style affirmations.  And calls to check in.  I’d welcome simple tips on how you who have had trouble paring down files and piles of paper have regained sanity.

My commitment:  to spend 2 hours on Monday(s) in there excavating.  For as many Mondays as it takes.  And I can offer to help someone else make a clean sweep (so much easier to say “no” to someone else’s stuff, right?!?!)

*Things we try to keep away from: the word “manifest”, telling people how they should be asking for things, unsolicited advice. (an instruction cut and paste from here)


2 thoughts on “Catch Up

  1. OK, let’s switch offices. Problem is, I’d have to watch you stash or discard stuff so I could shriek every 5 minutes, “No, not that! That’s there to remind me I hope to refile my 2007 taxes!” or somesuch.

  2. Well, Carol – I did my 2+ hours today and managed to fill two recycle bins and a huge bag for shredding. I can see how far back the taxes are stored (and will shred 3-4 years worth next Monday!). Sorted and filed one big box and rearranged office supplies. I feel like I’ve got a decent jump start and a strategy! Since I’m sharing the office, I had to do some of the sorting while in the livign room, which I think really helped keep me going!

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