always something…

The garbage disposal stopped working and I had a moment of intense horror.  (yeah yeah, first world problem, I KNOW!)

The warranty, wouldn’t ya know, is gone and my mechanical abilities – next to nil.  Not wanting to call a plumber (on a holiday weekend, woe is me) I remembered, hey, there’s a co-owner in this house!  And wouldn’t ya know it, the beloved spouse took care of it while I ran out to buy self-comforting ice cream.

Sometimes I’m so ridiculously myopic that I forget to look under my nose for the easiest solution.  Just asking.


This week, as I get extra busy with classes starting at the “day job,”  I’ve also got a looming deadline for “the book.”  Which means I’m heading off to ask for help with several chapters.   I’m looking for a dozen or so families .  Families willing to do a quick write up, then willing to be quoted, edited and published in 2012!  This is a collaborative project with “DailyMultiPass” and should be pretty awesome when it’s done.

If you know anyone let them (and me) know!  Thanks for your help!



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