Roll Call!

Alrighty, my friends and stalkers.  Time for the roll call.

Did you know that I once worked in a cop shop?  As in a bona fide police station in a municipal setting where there were holding cells, detectives and roll call.   Sometimes when I think of those two years, it seems like someone else’s life.  But I have this weird little retirement account that follows me around, so somehow that is PROOF that I was there back in the narrow era between  Hill Street Blues  and NYPD Blues.

Ever since, I’ve found Roll Call to be a great way of keeping up with people.  Now, I don’t have a staff of 40 reporting for duty.  And I’m not setting assignments for any sting operations (this week).  But I’ve been hearing on the streets that there are people who are looky looing at these here pages, and I say it’s time to IDENTIFY YOURSELF!

Don’t make me hunt down how to read all these weird statistics on the site.  Just give me the 10-12, or the 10-20.  Name, rank and serial number.  Or favorite cereal.  Your choice punk.  Go ahead.  Make my day.

Writing Prompt:  Today I am…Yesterday I was…Tomorrow I will be…


3 thoughts on “Roll Call!

  1. Reporting for duty, Sarge! I’m Linda and I love your blog! Stats: Writer, Spiritual Progressive, lover of all things related to historical Jesus studies, and a believer that the best is yet to be! Have a great day!!!!

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