A long time

I woke up well before the alarm (which never happened) and rather than toss and turn, I climbed out of  “cave bed.”  In the frustration of my jolt awake, I turned on the early news.  The network feed of the Today Show  was, to my surprise,  on at an early early hour for us west coast types looking for Bay Bridge news before 6 am.  News anchors appeared reporting that there was already a fire and confusion, and soon thereafter I was one of so many watching as a second plane flew into a tower.

News kept unfolding and I sat near paralyzed for hours, thousands of miles from the panic and horror.  I lived next door to an elementary school at the time, and soon after the first children arrived with the daily noise of their joyful play – the school day ended abruptly and everyone was sent home.  My usually laughing neighborhood was oddly silent.  Though,  throughout that time, every few minutes low flying planes of some sort zoomed over head.  This despite the news that US airspace has been closed.

Since that day, fused with memory and fear, a lot has happened.

Good things, too.

I don’t sleep in cave bed anymore.  Gone is the basement/garage studio apartment with the dorm fridge.  Today, I have a bright home and hummingbirds outside my window and a mattress AND boxspring that requires no ladder for exit and entry.

The Red Sox won…yeah yeah – everyone knows about that one – oh, right make that TWO happy days!

It’s been my privilege to speak words that matter in communities that commit to being doers of good deeds, and I’m in a dream of a job that 2001 couldn’t have predicted.

In the decade past there have been great adventures to beautiful places and times of laughter, friendship and ridiculous fun.

My parents up and moved cross country.  To my time zone.  And a beautiful community.

Babies have joined the circle of family and their giggles and bright eyes on the world give inspiration in the hardest times.

I met and married an amazing man who sings to me every day.

Along the way there have been heart breaking losses.  There are devastations and mistakes, too.  Political terror on multiple stages.  Commentaries about this week.

As I’m not a natural bright-side thinker, I’m ever aware that there is much to grieve.  But for a moment, I’m appreciating what time does and adding my prayers to all those who seek peace and pleasure in the days to come.

Writing Prompt:  What’s changed most for me is…

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