Such a short time…

Throughout the weekend there will be the rehashing of all our collective trauma as we recognize that a decade has gone by in the mere blink of an eye.  The anniversary notations have happened every year, but anyone who doubts the power of a decade as a marker of memory isn’t connected to the media in these parts.  

Seems like such a short time ago that “everything changed” and the President read about “The Pet Goat.”  Then again, didn’t we JUST elect Barack Obama and celebrate the great turn of Hope and Change with tears of joy and a swarm of love on the frozen Mall?  And wasn’t it like…YESTERDAY when (name your world changing personal event here) happened instead of 3, 5, 7, 12 years ago?

Time never stands still.  This past week a number of FB “friends” posted the sad news of the death of a particular much loved celebrity “Little Buddy” and wrote their lamentations on their pages.  The weird thing was that the actor died in 2005.  And dozens of people were adding their shock and sadness to the postings.  I’m sure many of them mourned at the time six years ago – and yet what is remembered and what is forgotten and how we grieve is one way that the time space continuum continues to baffle me.

It seems like yesterday when the phone call came.

It seems like yesterday when I stayed awake at the bed side.

It seems like yesterday when we sat and waited, and comforted one another.

It seems like yesterday when we took that long walk to say good bye.

It seems like yesterday when we threw ashes off the side of the boat.

It was 9 months ago, two years, ago, yesterday, whenever.

Being human and remembering and forgetting and lighting a candle so that we don’t just curse the darkness, but celebrate the possibility of tomorrow.

Writing Prompt:  Today I light my little light for…


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