Back to Thanks

Once a week – gotta express gratitude, especially when I feel BLAH!

1.  That Adele – this woman is an amazing singer giving voice to every longing ever known

2.  for the purple blanket my friend gave me – it’s warm and soft and keeps me safe when I’m watching scarey movies

3.  the crazy blooming begonias

4.  and my farmer-in-residence who tends them

5.  awesome students

6.  awesome teachers

7. retreats

8.  the Numi Tea Garden

9.  the IDEA of Schweddy Balls ice cream (I will need to taste test before affirming gratitude for the REALITY of this concoction)

10.  peacemakers

Writing Prompt:  I am thankful for…

One thought on “Back to Thanks

  1. Awww Michelle….you’re just nuts!

    I’m grateful for…
    My cousin Po
    Scrapbooks full of memories (that were put together for me!)
    Being a UU!
    Ben and Jerry!

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