Oh Honey

Saw an interesting show about honey bees a few weeks ago and have been obsessing ever since.  In the morning, I’m having honey and toast.  Midday, I watch and wait for the bees to come to the bottle brush tree, the rose bush or the thyme.  Honey and tea cups pouring warm elixir into measurable days.

I want to live in a world with honey bees and blooming, flowering life.   I love the way that the bees just do what they are supposed to do as I ever wonder and worry about “callings” and the discernment of vocation.

I found myself some days later talking with the students I work with about team work and the bees.   The semester begins and I invite the students to taste a bit of honey and remember the sweetness of learning.   May it all be so…

Writing Prompt:   Sweetly, the approach of the queen…


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