I didn’t intend to disappear for 6 weeks, but life happened.  Tonight I committed to the awesome and cool Art Every Day Challenge  for November because I always love a challenge, and because 6 weeks off line (at least here) has made it easy to slip into cranky time wasting habits instead of higher aspirations.

However, it should be noted that I’m not just a whiney mess, I’m also taking pictures everyday.  And have been for two weeks now – with a group of Good Divas collecting photos on Faceypage.  Message me if you want an invite.  It’s been an interesting exercise to take out the camera (my phone isn’t that smart) and try to FOCUS, literally and figuratively.  So far, I’ve been impressed that I’m learning and seeing things differently SO QUICKLY.  I’m also wildly motivated by the amazing creativity and artistic eyes that some of these powerful women possess!  Nothing like seeing the creativity of others to spur my intentions towards embracing my own inner artiste!

Here’s my favorite picture so far.  It reminds me of magical moments, beloved mentors and the bright possibilities that just appear out of nowhere, it seems.  It’s mariposa season, spiritually speaking, so I welcome your offerings, especially in the form of comments here or links to your creative remembrances this season.

Not Captured



4 thoughts on “Aw….Awe

  1. While I have not been taking pictures, I have been looking at old family pictures.. and visiting graves sites of people several generations back. It has been an interesting journey through the past. An important reminder of where I have come from.

    • I’m so glad for you – and the people who brought you here! now…what creative outlet calls to your spirit???? time for YOU to become the artiste you are! 😉

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