November 2

Today is All Soul’s Day.  I’m honoring life with my continued effort to see beauty each day and share something of a creative spark.  These past few weeks that’s meant a daily photograph, or 10.  I’m finding the disciple of taking a photo, and posting it to a small group of friends (doing likewise) on Facebook has been a great spiritual practice.

We committed to a year of this – and at such an early point, I’m still enthusiastic and curious enough to look forward to the task of lighting, setting, up loading and such.  My technical abilities are still at the very introductory level  – but I’m trusting that the year will give me a chance to develop skills and a vocabulary.  Meantime, I’m giving thanks for another day and the chance to practice compassion and faith.  In the power of creativity, the support of friends, exquisite love across time and space and life and even death.

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