November 30

Art Every Day for a Month is over now, and I am pleased that I managed to take a photo every single day even if my postings appeared in oddly timed intervals thanks to my limited access to the interwebs these past few weeks.  This last picture is a close up of a chalice I received from a dear friend.  A totally unexpected yet deeply sweet gesture of connection.  There’s symbolism, beauty and – thanks to the red tinsel –  a particular sparkle that I just love in this photo.  Something about the flash of light wrapping the stem  (rather than a candle lit within the cup) says “we’re surrounded by an unexpected  glittering brilliance.”  A divine spark that embraces and upholds us.  Let it shine, let it shine!

I’m going to shift blogging gears to my ADVENTure writing practice for the December days and will be keeping up my day 365 picture taking on the Good Divas FB Group.  If you want to know more about either project, drop me a note here in the comments section and we’ll tawlk.  Til then…keep shining!

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