Day 2

Even though I’ve been planning this project for months and had plans for organized and tidy posts, I found that the past few days were filled with hard memories and grief.  The sort of nearly paralyzing waves of sadness and lament.

A year and a day ago, a beloved member of our family died suddenly, and I have been awash in the details of remembering.  The phone calls.  The car ride.  The questions. The ICU. The decisions.  The waiting. The intensity of mourning.  Reminders of mortality, forgiveness, healing and the hard tasks of reassembling reality.  A year and a day is a long time even when it all feels like yesterday.

Lent catches me off guard this year.  Still…we write and we feel and we move into the season and all the cycles of life…it’s what she would want.

Writing Prompt

I remember…(set the timer for 10 minutes and put pen to page, or fingers on the keyboard…just write!  Return to the prompt if you feel stuck.  Let the words out and let spirit in!)

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