Day 3

I became a “fan*” of Lent about 12 years ago now.  My year as an intern in San Francisco was in full swing.  My best buddy was working down the street.  We went to the movies on Tuesday afternoons and laughed a lot about life and love and boys slash men and our dreams. In February, she invited me to a Saturday afternoon Lenten education program at her very liberal church.  One week the topic was Holistic Medicine, one week it was Sexuality & Spirituality, one week we did Astrology…no idea what the 4th week was.  Now more than a decade later, what I most recall from that season was a thrilling attentiveness that came in spending time reconsidering what Lent is and could be in my life.

As an adult exploring theology and how to live my values in the world, it was a delightful twist to learn alternative views to the history I’d been exposed that Lent was a time to eat fish on Friday and “give up” something like Chocolate.  The traditions of sacrifice, repentance and self-denial as reminders of our mortality are deeply embedded in the stories and traditions of the 40 day season preparing for Easter. AND.  There are interpretations of Lent related to the lengthening of days and the earth cycles of springtime and renewal.  Many practices accompany this time of year in a wide variety of communities and for me, it has become a time for cultivation of the inner life, growth and renewed spiritual focus as the foggy winter space shifts.  I share this practice with the simple intention of letting words out and letting spirit in.

Writing Prompt:  I am trying…

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