Day 6

Where is the inspiration?  What gets you going?  For some 140 days, I’ve been taking photos.  Every day.  I can see how I started out completely clueless and how over these many months I have learned a couple of things about focus and flash.  I am not doing the practice to skill build as much as to do the practice.  And be in community with others who are experiencing the life changing effects of commitment and creativity.  About a month ago, some of us in the group started using daily prompts to inpsire our photos.  Some times they click (heart, sun, your view today), sometimes, not so much (green, 10am, a fave photo of you) .  But there’s been a sticktoitiveness that helps me keep going.  Outside inspiration helps inside inspiration.  That’s why I like writing prompts:  if only to have something to rebel against!.  Please do post a comment on what makes your writing practice click – or tell me what doesn’t.  Or just keep writing.

Writing Prompt:  My view today is…

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