Day 7

Leaping.  It’s that time again, February 29 when a realigning “extra” day discombobulates the calendar and there’s a sense of curiosity and delight.  And I’m feeling a little on edge. I’ve been working on an “academic” paper that has been strangely fun.  I’ve been reading and researching and sharing and shaping ideas on the page for a couple of weeks now and I find it pretty interesting.  And scary.  Is this really what I want to say to a group of esteemed colleagues?  Is my sense of play too ridiculous for such critical thinking people?  As I head into editing today, will I keep my sense of resilience and balance?  Should I look before leaping or leap before looking?

How do you approach big learning in life?  Are you an all in jumper or a tentative stepper?  Who do you truly want to be?

Writing Prompt:  I am ready to leap into….

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