Day 8

I’ve mentioned that I’ve been taking photos (now for about 140 of a commitment to 366 days).  This past week some of my “subjects” have been food, traffic and money.  As I wrap up my big “academic paper” the question of what we do for pay vs. what we do for love came up.  I have been feeling a bit resentful that I’ve spent a lot of time researching and thinking and foot note organizing and (even though part of the way I earn my living is in academia) no one is paying me to write or even for the travel to deliver this paper.  So often we do the work of housekeeping, parenting, creating art, healing the ills of society and attending to the nurture of life by generously giving of our lives to create a better world.  Sometimes I fantasize that taking-artsy photos will land me the economic windfall.  Or writing the scholarly tome will result in the life changing “Genius Grant” that would allow me to pay off decade old student loans.  Til then, I will keep on writing and measure my worth in colors and laughter and joy in creativity.  I’ll measure in Love.

Writing Prompt:  For today, I measure my worth in…

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